Routine scheduled, professional and proper kitchen exhaust hood cleaning ensures the uncompromised flow of air throughout your kitchen. The grease the builds up in the hoods, vents and fan can be very dangerous if not checked regularily. Regular maintenance prevents the build up of grease and allows your kitchen to breath easier. Keeping your system maintained is your first line of defence in the event of a fire within your commercial kitchen; in order to prevent hazardous fires that can destroy property and risk lives of employees and customers.

Many businesses realize consistent kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance ensures that an exhaust system works at optimal performance and provides a secure working environment that’s cleaner, cooler and more productive for staff.

With 15 years of professional commercial kitchen servicing experience, Tuxedo Steam Cleaning has a proven track record for keeping restaurants in compliance with industry regulations while providing excellent, thourough and affordable services.

Family owned and operated, we will do our best to educate your cleaning staff on simple cleaning maintenance etiquette that will reduce the severity of build up.

Benefits of Tuxedo Steam Cleaning:

  • Professional and efficiently trained service technicians
  • Flexible scheduling system (morning, day, night, weekend, holiday)
  • Fully certified, knowledgable and hardworking technicians
  • Informative inspections – so there are no hidden costs or fees; our
    technician will make a detailed inspection to there are no surprises
    with our services
  • Before/After picture documentation of every hood cleaning
  • Trusting business relationship
    we understand the restaurant business and their needs, so we extends our workmanship in a range of services that could save them TIME and MONEY!

Cleaning Services Provided:

  • hoods
  • filters
  • vents
  • access panels
  • fans
  • fan-(hinge kits, seals, belts, motors, fan replacement and installation)
  • grease pads
  • roof maintenance (grease accumulation)
  • fire extinguisher service
  • kitchen suppression services(system installation, link maintenance, system recharge, inspection & diagnose problems)

    Be sure to inform us of any other concerns you may have regarding your kitchens ventilation and we will be sure to help