Dirt, bacteria, micro-organisms and odors are tracked into homes and on carpets regularly. Routine vacuuming and maintaining a healthy clean home is your first lines of defence in ensuring your home is free from surface germs. Professional carpet cleaning takes that one step furthar by tackling the root of the problem and dig deeper into the fabric of your carpets. Our proven, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning process extracts harmful bacteria, extends the life of your homes carpets and is great for your overall health.

People that suffer from allergies also benefit from professional steam cleaning by effectively reducing the amount of allergens, dirt and micro-organisms living in the fabrics. Even those who do not suffer from allergies can feel the benefits of routine carpet cleaning. Over time the buildup of pet dander, dirt, dust and other allergens begin to produce odors that inhibit our ability to get healthy clean oxygen into our bodies.

In particular, newborns bodies and lungs arent able of fight off small bacteria and illnesses; this means that all the dirt, dust and bacteria in your carpets, couches, drapes and other upholstery could put them at a greater risk of lung born illnesses.

Animals also have a habit of tracking in germs and bacteria; moreover have accidents that soak into the backing of a carpet.
This begins to generate bad odors that can be hard to get rid of, if left untreated.

We understand that replacing old and used carpet comes at a great cost, and is not an option for everyone. That is why we suggest preventative professional carpet cleaning maintenance as a much more affordable option that will not only leave your carpets fresh and clean, but will also help preserve the useful life of your carpet.

As an added benefit to our customers, we speacialize in white carpets, odor control, provide carpet stain removal and protection, carpet repairs and enzyme treatment.



We take a consultative approach with our carpet cleaning services, and begin by recommending that you vacuum your carpets before we arrive. Please move any large furnishings and fragile items prior to our arrival. Once we arrive, we will help to move some light furniture.


We start by applying a eco-friendly chemical solution to your carpet. We then thouroughly observe the carpets condition and locate major stains, odors or problem areas. (This may be where an animal has had prior accidents or child has spilt) We ask that you be completely honest if questioned regarding attempts you may have made on previous stains, as it is very important as to what solutions we use to recover the fabrics condition.


We try our best to remove stains in the carpet, but we cannot guarantee results. Final cleaning results depend on the depth of the stain, whether it has gone into the backing and overall condition of the carpet. Please let your technician know if you have made previous attempts at stain removal with home remedies as it may determine how we approach the particular stain.


There are many variables that affect drying time, including humidity, carpet type and treatment. Carpet generally takes 8-12 hours for carpet to completely dry and can sometimes take up to 24 hours. For best results, we ask that you avoid excessive activity on the carpet until it is completely dry.